Indian IT Industry - A Long Due Course Correction

No personal mailsNo personal phone callsNo personal workNo going out of premises in office hours (i. e. Lock-In) I don’t know where this is going to lead the blue eyed IT industry. Definitely not to the solution of the problems they are trying to address like decreased productivity and quality. The root of these problems lies in how industry culture is developed. Over 25 years, we have messed up industry culture falling prey to many factors. We blindfolded ourselves from reality and foresightedness in the hoopla of growth and increasing profit margins.

We are reaping the results of our shortsightedness. We spoilt our employees with hefty salaries which went on becoming literally filthy as industry flourished and reached to the peak. Companies could easily afford it because it was dollar\pound to rupee conversion. People kept doing same or less amount of work while they kept getting grand increments and bonuses. We lacked the foresight of where this will take us.

I remember a parable wher…

Think Differently


Solutions Are Welcome!

We always have the tendency to be selective in interpreting the things so that we can create a bias which in turn help add weight-age to our opinion. It is not a good practice rather it is a kind of manipulation. Of course a knowledgeable reader will notice the bias and will not take it at face value however many people who don't give enough thought or don't have time to do that will fall for it.

Let's take this quote:

"Don’t come to me with problems, come with solutions."

There are loads of articles mainly disagreeing with quote and trying to portray that since they disagree with the quote they are better in the leader fraternity.

First of all the above statement is part of a dialogue and not a quote. This has to have a prologue and a situation. Hence no one can judge a person just because he or she uses this sentence with subordinates. We should not necessarily imagine the quote coming from a frowning manager who is trying to run away from responsibilities. Everyon…

Who Moved My HR?

There was a time when Human Resource Development(HRD) was important and respected function in all organizations. In recent time it has been observed that organizations are reducing the focus on HRD or treating it as a secondary function. 

The use of technology has brought about a revolution in the routine activities of HR. This is mainly triggered by the flourishing IT industry since last 20 years. With primary focus being the development and deliveries of the technical solutions, HR function has been silently subdued by interesting hierarchies in these IT organizations. 
Firstly HR function has been split into many sub functions like Recruitment Management, Resource Allocation, Training, Appraisals and these functions directly started working with executives and managers in the company. There were certain reasons for that like project managers having the insight to details about required skills on particular project. Although it started like that eventually HR function got sidelined. F…

Automation Scare

We always wish our tasks and chores to be made easier and easier. Science had helped us to a great extent in making our life comfortable and luxurious bringing in convenience. Although that is leading to less physical activity which in turn leads to numerous health and fitness issues. However no one can blame science for that. You have to blame yourself for the kind of choices you make. This is first level of automation, we can call it personal automation, which is domestic in nature and no apparent harms if you are conscious with your choices. 

However if an individual can choose to be comfortable and luxurious by paying extra money and buying machines for all chores then an employer can also choose the same at a different level. He would always dream of his business running without to much of interventions required, without worrying for people to show up in time and perform up to mark. He is always fade up of the spats, disputes, arguments and negotiations with his staff and still he…